Brian Cashman expects Aaron Judge to maintain secrecy over contract offers

Brian Cashman and Aaron Judge

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The story of Aaron Judge‘s contract goes on. And the Yankees’ general manager expects the power hitter to remain secretive about what different teams offer to him. However, he also told that the slugger stays engaged with the Yankees.

The New York Post earlier quoted Cashman saying that he knows about Aaron Judge’s situation and that he thinks the slugger’s camp won’t say much about offers from other teams.

“Those are all things for Aaron to discuss at some point. But while he’s in the thick of it with his agents and stuff, I’m sure they’ll be very quiet and under the radar, fielding all the offers they get and staying engaged with us and we’ll see what happens,” the general manager told.

Cashman first offered Aaron Judge a seven-year deal worth $213.5 million, which would pay the slugger close to $30.5 million a year. Judge, on the other hand, bet on himself and said “no.”

To avoid salary arbitration, the two sides agreed on a $19 million, one-year deal just before Opening Day. However, when the season ended, everyone was left awestruck to see Judge’s performance that catapulted him to become the MLB’s most sought-after free agent. He also got the AL MVP award beating Shohei Ohtani, making him the best player in the American League.

Aaron Judge reportedly wants a long-term contract worth more than $300 million, which could make him the highest-paid player in the league.

Recently, an MLB insider told the New York Post that the upcoming winter meetings in San Diego might show how uncertain the free agency is, especially with the New York Yankees superstar Aaron Judge.

Aaron Judge race

Realistically, only three teams are competing to sign Aaron Judge. They are the New York Yankees, the big-spending Los Angeles Dodgers, and the San Francisco Giants, which was Judge’s favorite team when he was in school.

If Aaron Judge leaves New York and goes back to his home state of California, the Yankees would lose the most. During the 2022 season, there were times when it seemed like Judge was the only player in the lineup who could consistently hit for power. Since his first game, he has done a lot for the Yankees, and both the team and its fans will miss him.

The Dodgers won’t forfeit a fortune if they fail to land Aaron Judge, though, because they already have some star players. But, if the Giants lose Judge to another team in the league, it could make it harder for them to get back to the big leagues. Even though they have done well in the last few years despite not spending much, they don’t have a superstar player who can help them win when things aren’t going well. Making things difficult, the Yankees hold an advantage over the Giants in the Aaron Judge race.

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