Yankees’ audit to review Aaron Judge’s scathing remarks, claims insider

Yankees captain Aaron Judge is with GM Brian Cashman and owner Hal Steinbrenner.

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According to Bill Madden of the New York Daily News, the expected Yankees audit to zero in on the blunt assessment of the season made by Aaron Judge after their last game. The team captain made some scathing comments while calling the Yankees to “address a lot of stuff.”

Madden claims the Yankees, who concluded the season with an 82-80 record, marking their poorest performance since 1992, have enlisted the services of a consulting firm with a track record of working with other MLB teams, including the Boston Red Sox.

Aaron Judge and the Yankees audit

The Yankees endured a significant season setback, leading to a deep introspection that will find resolution through a formal process in the upcoming offseason. In an effort to gain insights, they have taken the unusual step of enlisting an external consulting firm to conduct a comprehensive examination of the organization. The Yankees evaluation will primarily scrutinize the team’s utilization of advanced analytics, as revealed by Bill Madden in the New York Daily News.

Aaron Judge, who committed to the Yankees with a contract extension during the previous offseason, has been forthright in his evaluation that the organization requires a transformation. Madden’s report suggests that Aaron Judge’s outspoken plea for change, articulated at the conclusion of the season, will not go unnoticed.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone with captain Aaron Judge at Yankee Stadium.

Aaron Judge earlier told reporters that the Yankees might be looking at the wrong numbers and should perhaps place value on different ones that some people might perceive as lacking value. He added that in the context of playing 162 games, one had to persevere and play through challenges, emphasizing that there were certain aspects that couldn’t be quantified.

“I think it’s just about how we use [analytics] and how we value them is an aspect that we just maybe need to look at again,” he said at Kauffman Stadium,. “The Yankees are top-notch in the numbers we get. I think we’re the best in the game at that. I think it’s about funneling those down to the players in the right format.

“ … I wouldn’t say [we are] overloaded. I think it’s just looking at the right numbers. I think maybe we might be looking at the wrong ones. We need to value some other ones that people might see as having no value.”

Madden’s report outlined that the evaluation conducted by the consulting firm retained by the Yankees will delve into the realm of analytics and their application within the organization. This comprehensive assessment won’t be limited to just coaching players and prospects but will extend to evaluating the impact of analytics on the team’s trade decisions. Madden specifically referenced the Yankees’ trade involving Jordan Montgomery, who has since become a star pitcher for the Texas Rangers, and the acquisition of Joey Gallo, whose batting average plummeted to .159 while in pinstripes.

Aaron Judge is at the Yankees dugout at Kauffman Stadium as the team's season ended on October 1, 2023.

His report also raised thought-provoking questions, such as why none of the 30 coaches within their five minor league affiliates had prior major league playing experience. It further echoed concerns expressed by Aaron Judge and other individuals within the organization during the season regarding the number of analytics personnel present in and around the clubhouse.

Last week in Tampa, there was a meeting involving Hal Steinbrenner, Brian Cashman, Aaron Boone, and Aaron Judge, who resides in the Tampa area. The purpose of the meeting was to engage in discussions concerning the recently concluded season.

Aaron Judge has already said that the Yankees had a lot to work on, numerous things to alter, and several issues within the organization that required resolution.

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6 thoughts on “Yankees’ audit to review Aaron Judge’s scathing remarks, claims insider

  1. i hope aaron brings up a bunch if bad decisions,,, and whether to fire cashman for very stupid trades,, trading away montie for and centerfielder the was on t he IL, and average to below average hitter, was absolutely stupid,, gallo, what a waste, Gray, why did we give up on him, donaldson, sad,,this is just a few of brain dead cash’s mistake that really cost us… cashman is not a mastermind as Hal thinks,,, and why is Hal protecting him,,George would have dumped cashman in a minute for some of the stupid trades… let’s clean house,, now… i think boone can stay, he’s learning on the job, and finally a keeper. he’s just trying to coach what cash trades for,,,and Torres,, why in the world would we trade the most consistent player we have,, he just shows up everyday, and plays better than anyone else on the team

  2. Thirty coaches in the minor leagues and NONE ever crossed the white lines in the big leagues? This makes me want to hemorrhage! Analytics GEEKS in the clubhouse telling PLAYERS what they NEED to know to succeed? How about—stop thinking! See ball! Hit ball! Clear your head! The plate was cemented in the ground over a hundred and years ago—throw the ball over it! It’s hit to you? Field it! On base? Listen to the coaches!

  3. I don’t think Judge is wrong. It’s been 14 years since winning a World Series championship which maybe about the time these analytics came into play. If we look back at the teams we had during the 5 World Series we won with Jeter. The team had something we haven’t had since! The comradery and the heart. So unfortunately analytics can’t get you that. Some guy feeling has to be added. We don’t have any hitters that hit for average. Now not everyone has to be a .300 batter but we should have a few. Those guys get on base.

  4. I’ve been saying for years now that analytics is over blown. Get back to the basics without all the geeks in the club house and dugout. They know nothing about the game. They are geeks! I get it that Boone is only as good as what Cashman provides him. Solution? Fire Cashman! Retool minor league coaches as well. Don’t allow the geeks anywhere near our developing players. They have no clue what they’re talking about. I read an article about “The Martian” and if I have it correct he knows what he is capable of doing and how to do it . He didn’t rely on analytics. He relied on his gut instinct. Let the players decide what they need to do and NOT the geeks.

  5. When you don’t have a single .300 hitter on the team, when you’re regularly starting multiple players with averages under .200, it’s pretty clear you simply don’t understand baseball, no matter what your computer tells you.

  6. Bottom line. You can use all the analytics in the world and discount the main things. And you will be a failure. Some places analytics work. Like where to position fielders and others. But if the Yankees had higher OBP and Batting average, they would have scored more runs, won more games and been in the playoffs. Launch angles and three run homers are nice. But that got us watching the Orioles, Rays and Blue Jays and others on TV while the Yanks are home. In all my years watching the Yanks, I have never seen such anemic batting averages. I maybe wrong, but the way the Yankees go about their business is not right. Just think back to the Yankee championship teams. How many times did they have the HR champion. Not Many. Only in 2009 did Mark Teixeira tie for the AL lead. They did have many guys who could hit for OBP and Average.

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