Yankees at Mets | June 13, 2023

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2 thoughts on “Yankees at Mets | June 13, 2023

  1. Boone did make an error pulling Cole. The Yankees are not a good team. Judge is the only player with a decent batting average. The rest of the team’s hitters are pitiful. The fault lies with Cashman, and the owner who has allowed Cashman to do his thing. Donaldson and DJ haven’t been good for years. Stanton phase been playing half a season for many years now and when he does he’s inconsistent. There weren’t any moves in off season to rectify these long standing problems.

  2. Ever since Boone was named Manager, one of his more consistent issues is when to pull and when not to pull a starting pitcher from the game. Additionally, he appears pitiful in determining what relief pitcher to bring in. He always seems to end up on the short side of the stick.

    Not only am I in favor of Cashman and Boone being fired, but it appears the Hal Steinbrenner, unlike his dad, could care less sbout what bus happening to his team. George would have rectified the situation months ago.

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